New Kindle

New Kindle

The new Kindle wireless reading device comes to replace the need for books and it does it successfully as it stores thousands of books in it so you won't have to carry any book with you anymore when you're out of doors. Store all your books in the Kindle device and download any book and magazine you desire directly to it in only 60 seconds!

Newest Kindle - Smaller, Ligher, Faster

After the Kindle 3G there is a new Kindle reader in town. The newest Kindle device by Amazon is even smaller, lighter and faster than the previous devices and costs even less. Just so you have a feeling about it, here are some interesting features about it:

- It weights less than 170 grams.

- It's 18% smaller in body but still comes with a 6" screen size so it even fits your pocket!

- It reads like paper since it comes with the most advanced E-Ink display.

- Built-in Wi-Fi included so you download books now in 60 seconds only.

- Page turn is 10% faster now than previous devices.

- Can store up to 1,400 books.

- Read in bright sunlight with no glare effect.

- Battery life holds for a whole month.

- Download from a collection of free ebooks.

- Select from over 750,000 books, newspapers, magazines and more.

- Low book prices.

- And much more...

If you prefer a smaller, lighter and faster Kindle for a cheaper price than the Kindle 3G device, click the following link to learn more about the newest Kindle reader and enjoy free shipping in the UK.


The New Kindle is Being Sold More Than Actual Books

With the launch of the new Kindle reader by Amazon, there is a lot in store for avid readers, who were eagerly awaiting its release. Many new features and services have been incorporated, and the old design got a new make-over. In short, the new Kindle became better, smaller and faster than before but still retaining the good parts.

What's new:

• The first thing that you will notice about the new Kindle 3G is the changes in the design. The size of the device has shrunken to make it more portable. Also the new Kindle weighs just around 8.5 oz making it significantly lighter.

• With the new E ink Pearl technology you cannot miss the sharper contrast of the device. The text appears clearer, brighter and very easy to make out.

• The new Kindle is free from glare which allows readers to read in bright environments like broad daylight. It is the perfect thing to take for a relaxing day at the beach.

• The latest model of the Kindle comes with an in built Wi-Fi which allows users to purchase and download hundreds of books within minutes.

The Kindle 3G Stores Thousands of Books Yet It's Light

• The storage capacity of the new Kindle has also been considerably enhanced. Users can now store up to 3500 different books in the Kindle reader at one time. Also since the prices of these e-books are very low, the Kindle reader provides a great alternative to ordinary books.

• You will also find your Kindle reader to be much faster than the old device, flipping pages almost instantly.

• You can also highlight text in the new Kindle to save it for future reference or to find out the meaning as soon as you encounter a word you have not come across before.

• The device has also been developed in such a way that once charged, it will function for as long as two months, without the wireless. You do not have to keep charging it in order to read.

• The price for all these new features is just $139 for a Wi-Fi only model and $189 for a 3G version.

What's still there:

• The six inch screen, which made reading on a Kindle an amazing experience, is still there even with its diminished size.

• The ability to purchase and download numerous books at a time can still be found.

There are almost a dozen different tablets available in the market today all competing for the number one spot. However, the thing that makes Kindle unique is that it has been developed solely for book lovers and avid readers for whom reading is a passion. They can now find thousands of ebooks online for very little price, and even manage to get their hands on titles which otherwise are not available in the market. And if a title is not included in the list, you can always put a request for it, and it will be available in a matter of days.

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