Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

The moment it came out everyone knew it would be a bestseller and it did not disappoint. Equipped with so many great features it's basically a portable entertainment system to have at all times so with the Kindle Fire you won't have a single dull moment. So, how can it benefit you and why is it such a bestselling device?

Kindle Fire - The Wonderful Tablet Computer

Kindle Fire is a tablet computer from Since its release on November 15, 2012, this tablet computer has gained much popularity. It is priced at $199.00 (US). Kindle Fire has a customized version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. It is viewed as a strong competitor of Apple's iPad. Read along the article to know about the features and technology of Kindle Fire tablet computer.

Kindle Fire and its amazing features

Kindle Fire with its sensational technology contains a lot wide range of stunning features. Given below are some of the amazing features of Kindle Fire.

1. Comes with a beautiful touchscreen

It contains a 7" touchsreen that comes with IPS (in-plane-switching) technology. 16 million colours are offered by the coloured touchscreen in high resolution which brings life to movies and books.

2. Contains Dual-Core Processor for faster performance

It allows you to do multiple activities at the same time. You can download songs or videos while browsing the Internet, without any discrepancy.

3. Over 100,000 movies as well as TV shows can be accessed

The Kindle Fire enables you to watch, download, rent or purchase over 100,000 movies (including new releases) and TV shows. For Amazon Prime members, TV shows and movies come at commercial-free versions.

4. Provides cloud storage for free

Amazon Cloud provides free storage for all your Amazon digital resources. The unlimited storage capability of Amazon Cloud allows you to store numerous music files, movies and books on the Amazon Cloud without worrying about shortage of memory on your Kindle Fire. Those items could be viewed and downloaded anytime you wish.

5. Offers more than 19 million songs

You can get access to more than 19 million songs which can be streamed from Amazon Cloud Drive or can be downloaded directly to your gadget.

6. Thousands of games and apps can be explored

This includes famous games and apps such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Netflix, Pandora, Solitaire etc. Additionally, one paid application will be provided for free each day.

7. Presents a wide range of books to read

Books of different categories can be accessed through the Kindle Fire. This includes classics, bestsellers, comics and children's books. More than 1 million books are available at the Kindle Store for purchasing. Moreover, free books exceeding 2 million can also be found.

8. Magazines can be viewed in vibrant colours

You can view magazines in beautiful colour and clarity. There are a wide range of magazines that can be viewed such as Vanity Fair, Marie Claire and GQ. In some magazines, you will be getting audio and video options as well as interactive components.

9. Resources can be synchronized with Amazon Wispersync

With the help of this technology, you can synchronize your resources across gadgets. It enables to start working from where you have left off.

10. Comes in a small size and is light weighted

It weighs only 413 grammes. With its light weight and 7 inch screen, it becomes extremely easy to hold and carry it. Books and magazines can be read with ease.

Without a doubt, Kindle Fire with its state-of-the art technology is an easy to use tablet computer which comes at a reasonable price.