Buy Kindle

Buy Kindle

Find out the differences between the Kindle vs. the iPad and an Android so you'll be convinced you want to buy Kindle and experience reading in a much better way than carrying your books up to this day. Now you can have up to 3,500 books in one device that weights only 8.7 ounces and is a worldwide bestseller.

Buy Kindle Today to Enjoy a New Way of Reading

Buying an e-reader or a tablet is the new debate currently going on almost all tech blogs and forums. If you are looking to invest the hard earned money on a piece of technology that can easily replace books, newspapers and magazines, then you should simply buy Kindle. You must be asking why? When there are colorful options available that do much more than just show black and white text, the answer is simple, yet requires some explanation, so initiate a little duel between Kindle and some top contenders.

Kindle Vs. iPad

iPad is the obvious first choice for many people who actually need an e reader but end up buying a tablet, whose basic model costs double the amount compared to a Kindle. No doubt Apple iPad and iPad 2 can do a lot more than replacing books and magazines but do you need all that? You can buy kindle for prices ranging from $114 to $189 whereas the cheapest iPad 2 will set you back $449, now you do the math.

Kindle 3G or Android - Time to Choose

Kindle Vs. Android

If you are considering Android tablets that are more versatile options and can do a lot more than even iPad, then you should keep in mind that even they can't be considered dedicated e-readers. The reason is simple, e-ink technology. You cannot spend hours reading text on a backlit LED screen but you can do so if you buy Kindle. A reasonable Android tablet like Asus ee Pad transformer will set you back $349 to $400 and still you won't be able to replace your books and newspapers.

Why buy Kindle?

Let's come to the features that make Kindle unique among all the tablets and e-readers. First is the e-ink technology which is also available on other eReaders like Barnes & Noble's Nook and Sony reader, but none has an extensive supply of books, magazines and research papers as Amazon has developed for Kindle. You will also save money if you choose to buy Kindle, though other eReaders are also priced within $300 mark but the support and collection of books available for Kindle make it the obvious choice.

Fringe benefits

If you choose to buy Kindle 3G then you will get a reader with full QWERTY keyboard, e-ink screen, amazing battery time, choice of having a Wi-Fi or 3G or both in your unit, unlimited books to choose from and much more. All these features are offered at a very affordable price, without any strain to your eyes.


You need to get your preferences straight, if you have a smartphone or a laptop you don't need a tablet, you just want it because of all the advertising going on. Remember that unlike laptops that can be placed on tables or in laps, tablets and e-readers need to be held in hands. So, if the tablet has a large color screen and tons of features then all these things will add weight. Kindle on the other hand is sleek, compact and satisfies the basic need of reading without any fancy claims and pictures.

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